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During your online consultation, I use different diagnostic methods alongside, questions in relation to your health concerns and body system (nervous, kidney, cardiovascular, muscular systems etc) I also look at current medications, diet and lifestyle.

After the consultation, you will receive a treatment advice sheet which will include my recommendations, which are individual to each client. You will also receive a personal, prescribed tincture.

After 6 weeks, a follow up consultation will be needed to assess progress and possibly tweak the herbal prescription to promote and encourage the body to heal.

To cut down costs for some clients, we offer a range of consultations, either online, or over the phone. I also offer a free questionnaire service, depending on the health concern. For more complex issues, one of our online consultation options may be required.

Please see all our available options below and click the Book Now button to fill out an enquiry form and we will be in touch to arrange your preferred consultation option at your convenience.

Initial Consultation

60 minutes
Available online

Follow Up Consultation

30 minutes
Available online

15 Minute Telephone Consultation

Free of charge
Available via telephone


Free of charge
Suitable tincture recommended based on answers


Individually formulated herbal medicine

£10 per 100ml

(600ml needed for 6 weeks)

Concessions are available. Please contact us to discuss further.

Please note that additional teas, capsules and creams are all priced individually.

Herbal prescriptions are typically sent out within 24-48 hours. Postage and packaging costs will be added to the bill. Please give 24 hours notice for cancellations, as charges will apply if less that 24 hours notice is given.